In this section you can find a lot of different activities which are not only cultural but also socially oriented.
Sometimes it's too difficult for us to choose which section we assign each activity, but we hope you will like our offer and you will find your favourite events here too.

Theatre tickets

Theatre tickets
You can choose & order tickets online via Rofrano. Please, do so at least 10 days prior to the performance date. In certain cases we can also handle more urgent deliveries. All tickets will be delivered to Palace Flora on weekly basis. Once you receive price qutation from Rofrano, please transfer points via Flexxtyle  (+0 CZK //  +50 CZK) and send us email confirmation of that transfer with details of the tickets you have ordered. Thank you and enjoy your theatre visits via Social Club!

Ticket price with no delivery costs (for SC members). // Ticket price plus 50 CZK per delivery (for others).

Anyone can choose any ticket via Rofrano.

When placing online order at Rofrano and paying via Social Club / Flexxtyle, please choose delivery: "BSC Social Club o.s., Payment via Flexxtyle".
The tickets will be delivered to Pavla Vinklarova and she will inform you when you can pick them up from her (Flora, Lux building, B_324_b).

Painting course 22.

illustrative picture
Did you like our previous Painting courses? Do you want to continue or to start with our new classes now? More details about our lecturer (Dott. Silvia Vezzuto Pruskova) is available here.

When:   every THURSDAY, starting Sep-21, 2017 (from 18:30 to 21:30 or longer)
Where:  Offices in Atrium Flora (main kitchen on the 5th floor) 
Info:     lessons in ENG (translation possible into CZE/ITA)

Photo from 3/3/2016, painting class
Contact person for this workshop: Iulia Trush (email or 776 347 577)

21.09 - Pencil / Autumn beans
05.10 - Charcoal / Portrait
12.10 - Hard Pastels / Nature
19.10 - Watercolors /Sea life
26.10 - Oil / Own subject
02.11 - Oil / Own subject
09.11 - Oil / Own subject
23.11 - Soft Pastels / Dancers
30.11 - Ink / Nature
07.12 - Technic of your own choice / Christmas

Feel free to register for any of the individual classes or for a whole course here
Price includes also equipment and materials provided to the group and shared during the lessons. 

          * whole course    1,880 CZK // 3,890 CZK (10 lessons)
          * single lesson     300 CZK //    500 CZK (1 lesson)

Payment possible via Benefity or bank transfer. Just send us email confirmation about your payment after your registration. All must be done prior to the start of this course, since we may need to discontinue any activity which doesn't meet a minimum required number of participants.

We are pleased to announce our Art Exhibition Opening ceremony, which will be held at the gallery "U Zlateho Kohouta" on Sunday, March-5, 2017 at 5PM. Let us know, if you are planning to join.

Among others, you will be able to admire paintings of Dott. Silvia Vezzuto & EM colleagues & SC friends: Leonardo Pucciatti, Iuliia Trush, Lucie Vodickova, Pavla Vinklarova, Veronika Bochorakova, Alena Horejsova, Nunzia Gaudino, Margarita Videvich and Helena Fuchsova.

Brasilian music by AnniMa and Ambient music by Reserve band will be accompanying our event. And you can also enjoy good food and wine, while soaking in the emotions form the paintings which we prepared for you under the motto "Through the Woman's Eyes". Join us and let our paintings inspire you!